i_drink_febreze's Journal

100mm cigarettes, 3 legged dogs, 30's movies, 35mm, 924 gilman, ab fab, abandoned buildings, activism, alternative sexuality, anna sui, are you being served?, art cars, art films, atom films, awareness, badminton, bean tacos, being a vegetarian, being vain, brown and white photography, cady, camel wide filters, casual drug use, cemeteries, cliched teenage angst, complaing, computers, critisizing, dance parties, dancing, darwinism, eating sugar packets, elegant gothic aristocrat, elite pretentious indie fucks, environmentalism, faking illness, fashion design, fibonacci sequence, frank capra, gauged ears, george carlin, getting drunk, global warming, god-fearing americans, graverubbing, hardcore, hardcore shows, henry david thoreau, henry wadsworth longfellow, honore de balzac, hot nerdy guys, hot scene chicks, hunter s. thompson, hypochondria, ignorance, indie films, large sums of money, late night conversations, lbg fashion, leave no trace, live concerts, long walks, lucid nightmares, lyrics, making people cry, mormons, my bedroom, napping, narcissicism, nudity, old british comedies, painting, photography, political incorrectness, punk, rappers, reading, rockabilly, rockabilly fashion, sale racks, san francisco, scanners that work, screamo, serial killers, sewing, slam dancing, slash, smoking, social awkwardness, stealing candy from babies, straight teeth, suicide girls, the color green, the lj mascot, the mafia, the roaring twenties, the truth, toy keyboards, traveling, twiggy dresses, vertigo, vintage clothing, walking cliches, watching weird mind-fuck movies, writing, zombies, zombies ate my neighbors,